Månad: november 2021

My warehouse days

You all know me. At least, most of you do. You know that I’m that type of person that moves along a lot. I try something and then I move on to the next if something doesn’t fit me. Well, I kind of did it again after the summer. Since January until the end of the summer I worked in a warehouse. Now, I don’t work at the warehouse any more. I felt like I was done but I never felt like I did an ending, if that makes sense? Anyways, that’s why I’m writing to you all today. I want to be able to put my time at the warehouse behind me. I’ll do that by specifying what I liked the most about working there.


You all know I worked in a surfing store by the beach before. You all remember how much I complained about the distance between my home and my work back then. This changed when I started working at the warehouse. 45 minutes became less than 15 minutes. I really liked that bit. Another thing that was great with working at the warehouse was the distance to my parents’ house. If I kept driving 10 minutes after reaching my job, I winded up at their house. This was perfect.

The work itself

You guys know I like working with my body. I like being sweaty when I’m doing my everyday work. That’s how I know I’ve achieved something. This was perfect at the warehouse. Especially since I mostly worked at the picking and packing section. That was heavy, especially sometimes, and I loved it. Overall, the work at the warehouse really suited me. It was perfect for the person I am and the way that I like working.


I got so many new friends during my months at the warehouse. One could think that it would take longer to really get to know people. Well, that was not the case here. Not at all. I really enjoyed this work, especially because of the people I got to spend time with. Even though we don’t see each other on an everyday basis, I meet most of them several times a week for other activities. My warehouse team.

If you haven’t done this before, I suggest you try it. Try looking back at a period in your life and count the things that were great about that specific time. To me, this was about my time at the warehouse. For you, maybe it is the years when you studied? Or maybe the summer in the cabin you rented with your family?

Try it, you’d like it.

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